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Pretty Damn Good.

I liked the Art style, as well as the Idea. It was actually sort of addicting.

Well Done.

PS: I love your choice in music.


MrRandomist responds:

thanks we try to create it as atmospheric as possible ;) and im glad you thought it was addicting!


Thats right i gave it a 10, wanna fight about it. :)

Piemix responds:

Sprittles your awesome. :)

Bravo, and thanks for having my music on there too

Bravo, and thanks for having my music on there too.

mannynose responds:

Thank you sir, The King of the Audio Portal!

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Who would I be if I didn't review my current matched Rival's song?

I was glad to find something like this when I logged on since the song I've composed sits in the same genre.

You have a brilliant stage of build up. It feels like an army ready for lash out and compete. I do believe as what you mentioned that this song does feel like music you would hear for an epic trailer.

It is a very good listen.

The one thing I do wish, is that a main theme of some sort was present (or if I didn't hear it) more prominent. The build up is nice, but I kept waiting for something to go into a memorable theme.

It does not really matter in the end for I don't think a main theme resides in build up music, but you have a nice pace and indeed, have good timing with your instruments.

I did notice some overlapping issues but you addressed that in your summary, (I couldn't even perfectly equalize within the 2 weeks) so I don't think the judges will worry about overlapping.

The song is strong and built very well. Keep it up.

Who would I be if I didn't review my opponent's song?

I could very much tell the heavenly inspired (Elfman Batman) riff at the start with the ongoing fast paced brass. A technique I very much enjoy. Even had the John Williams chord (harp) change right after, (At least that's what I hope you were going for).

And of course Zimmer's drum pattern after the amazing start. I appreciate people who take the time to learn some of the grand master's ways of music haha.

The chorus sounds very clean. My only nickback is the overflow of Brass (not saying you can never have enough), but a change of lead instruments would have set this song apart from the ongoing "epic trailer music" Newgrounds is going on with.

For someone with inspirations from Williams and Elfman, I do wish this song had a more prominent "Main theme" to it. Sadly after the song I couldn't hum or notice any real main theme. Just improv from Brass.

Besides that complaint, this is a well done song. It was enjoyable to hear some bright Signature Elfman style with a hint of Williams.

Good Luck, ;} -Veneox

SoundChris responds:

Thx for leavin your thought here! I am not sure williams was the inventor of the harp transitions - maybe. I planned to compose in different styles each round of the NGADM and just decided to compose something what i associate with the great hollywood sounds. I used round 2 to check out my new libraries and am quite comfortable with it- maybe the mixing could have been better. But because i have baby rabbits within my room i didnt want to scare them so i mixed with headphones ,,,

Maybe the maintheme could have been more lyrical - but that was the maximum epicness i could compose within 1.5 days composing session. Williams just has more time for his projects ;D


Beautiful, it is clearly the best rendition of the song to find anywhere.

Jessismith responds:

Thanks, V! :)

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I love 02. Hells yes.


Such an amazing concept Giygas is.


Most amazing character ever to enter Mario's world.

I am a working Director, Composer, Actor, and Writer. I would love to be a part of Feature Films and Video Games one day. ;}

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