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Who would I be if I didn't review my current matched Rival's song?

I was glad to find something like this when I logged on since the song I've composed sits in the same genre.

You have a brilliant stage of build up. It feels like an army ready for lash out and compete. I do believe as what you mentioned that this song does feel like music you would hear for an epic trailer.

It is a very good listen.

The one thing I do wish, is that a main theme of some sort was present (or if I didn't hear it) more prominent. The build up is nice, but I kept waiting for something to go into a memorable theme.

It does not really matter in the end for I don't think a main theme resides in build up music, but you have a nice pace and indeed, have good timing with your instruments.

I did notice some overlapping issues but you addressed that in your summary, (I couldn't even perfectly equalize within the 2 weeks) so I don't think the judges will worry about overlapping.

The song is strong and built very well. Keep it up.

Beautiful, it is clearly the best rendition of the song to find anywhere.

Jessismith responds:

Thanks, V! :)

Just how

It should sound. Creepy, sad, but in a dark sense. Beautiful. Brilliant.

*DL* ;}

Amazing use of Synth

All that needs to be said, well Done. ;}

This is one of my favorite songs from FF7.

Anyways, I'll admit that using any instrument other then the synth sound effect is hard to pull off. (Due to the reason why Nobuo used that synth effect.)

All his other songs would be more easily advanced with orchestration though.

Violin/Cello was a nice choice though.


Pretty good.

Sounds very like Mahito Yokota's style used in the Super Mario galaxy games at parts. But also has some more unique styles in it as well.

Damn Amazing.

I love this song. This is FAR better than the version I created in my "Mother World" medley.

I love the Violin trills at the start. It has the simple awesome that is great. I do wish a little more was added to boost some effect seeing how this is 4:00 long.

Anyways, well done.

~Shade Levora~

Well Done.

Trance is a hard thing to make relaxing. I believe you showed everyone that you can make it a very enjoyable and brilliant piece.


So Simple, yet so Perfect.

I love the piano part around :18. Reminds me of Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Very, Very well done.

Usually I'm one to get annoyed by Techno remakes of Video Game songs. I'm glad you changed my mind on a few. Simply Love this. Catchy, and Just Simply Brilliant. Love it. ;)

I am a working Director, Composer, Actor, and Writer. I would love to be a part of Feature Films and Video Games one day. ;}

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