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The Magik Shellers

2017-05-06 15:42:49 by Veneox

I have Begun production on "The Magik Shellers". Voice work and the music as well as character design are being worked on. However I am looking for artists who would want to help with backgrounds/objects/and other art stuff. (I have drawing. A lot.) 


So if you wanna be apart of this upcoming short movie, and you can draw, let me know.


A live orchestrated and synthetic version of "Life in the Mines" from Donkey Kong Country

I plan on remaking the soundtrack of Donkey Kong Country 2 next year, using a live orchestra.

I wanted to do a song to show what it may sound like using live orchestrations as well as added in synth.


Within a few weeks, most of my songs will be available on Spotify, Itunes, Pandora, exc...

The Album will contain my first orchestrated songs from early 2009-2015. Newgrounds was the first spot I released my music, and now many of the songs can go live. Thanks all for the support. 

The album is titled "Ethereal Archives" and should be up within a few weeks. 



New song, Echoe's Under The Ice

2016-12-05 20:43:22 by Veneox

New Song finished, Enjoy



Wanted to once again share a song of mine. Enjoy ;)

New Orchestrated song complete.

2016-06-01 00:15:21 by Veneox

It's been a very long time since I released a song. (Back in 2014).

I finally got around to releasing something I've been working on.

An orchestrated piece about Reality and Dreams colliding into one world.

Enjoy ;}



Frozen Fire, New Composed Song.

2014-11-13 14:07:58 by Veneox

Alrighty guys, I've finished a new song. 


Enjoy ;)


A calming song of solitude somewhere away.

Using mostly ethnic instruments I wanted to create a relaxing moment of music taking place in peace.

I wanted to make it quite simple and use very few instruments and a small choir to accompany.

Enjoy ;}


I have recreated an arrangement of the chilling water theme from Donkey Kong Country 3.  1365738_139399392663_TWWpicture.jpg




Anxiety Asylum

2014-02-19 17:08:35 by Veneox

Well a year later my first song of 2014 is out. Anxiety Asylum. Enjoy.